Law Firm Mentor Strategic Planning VIP Days

Are you a dynamic self-starter who implements every plan set before you, but you know you need the right plan in order to get started? Are you in need of a skilled set of eyes and ears to dive into your business, examine it from the inside out, and help you see where you may be missing critical components of your business plan or marketing plan? Do you need a guide through the jungle to the path to financial freedom?


We all know what it is to be a self-starter. That’s what a law firm owner is. We conceived of a world in which we would be our own bosses. We envisioned that we would open our doors, map out our marketing initiative, start selling legal services like a rock star, assemble the dream team of various professionals to do the work, systematize that work so that it runs like on a conveyor belt, producing high-quality work of which we are proud, pay our bills, pay ourselves, and be successful.

We Understand

But somewhere along the way, we lost our way. The magic plan did not materialize, or if it did, it hit a few snags. And we just can’t see our way through to the other side. We want to fix it. We know if we had the right tools, the right oversight, the right plan, we could knock it out of the park. And we are willing to learn, even in a group setting, but we prefer that private, intimate setting where we can let our guard down, share our greatest challenges, and receive really powerful guidance to mount our firm’s hurdles.

We Can Help

If this sounds like you, then you may be well-suited for the Law Firm Mentor Strategic Planning VIP Days. This full-day experience affords you a one-on-one business planning session to address the most pressing issues in your business. Complete with document review and analysis, customizable forms (where applicable), and a step-by-step process to resolve your firm’s challenges, you work directly with the Law Firm Mentor to co-create your solution in a safe space. Either with or without an on-site visit to your law firm by the Law Firm Mentor, your VIP Day will serve as your launchpad into future growth.

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