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Start looking at your business as a business, and not just another law practice!

Join this exclusive, step-by-step workshop specifically designed for your law firm’s business development and you’ll be amazed at the success you will achieve. Purchase for $497 and start seeing results today!
More Money More Free Time Package

✔ Created by a law firm founder and executive coach, this completely customized online course uses a holistic approach to cover all components of your law business – from start to finish.


✔ Walk away with 30-day action plans in each focus area to achieve real results fast.


✔ This self-guided class allows you to follow-along when it’s convenient to you.


✔ Bonus: Participants enjoy a 10% discount off any Live Intensive Group Coaching Business Retreat offered up to one calendar year from the date of purchase.

Law Firm Mentor


Law Firm Mentor

Does your business have you feeling stuck in a rut or burnt out from 10-hour long days? You’re not alone. Even the smartest lawyers can wind up with not enough revenue and a failing firm. Law school taught you how to work the courtroom, but most likely didn’t train you on mastering a business strategy. To stand out in this fast-paced digital world, you’ll need an outcome-oriented plan. You’ll need strategic marketing, sales, selective hiring, software automation, and money management. This might seem like a lot to juggle and thinking about where to start can be overwhelming.


With a lawyer’s hectic workload, trying to stop and turn a new leaf might feel impossible. The common myth in this industry is that hustling to the point of exhaustion is normal. Yet, you are at a breaking point and yearn for a work-life balance. This is a pivotal moment to shift gears. We can help and once you learn our method, it’s a lot easier than you think.


Now is your chance to break through barriers and unlock your money-making potential. Created by Allison C. Williams, Esq., an accomplished lawyer, law firm founder, and executive coach, this completely customized online course uses a holistic approach to cover all components of your business – from start to finish.


All the essential tools your business needs to thrive are conveniently available in this exclusive, online workshop. Coursework is concentrated in an accelerated 6-week timeframe so you can keep working and not miss a beat. More importantly, you’re not wasting your time!


Discover game-changing results with this six-step program and watch the money start flowing in

What will I get with The More Money, More Free Time™ Package?

More Money More Free Time Package

Our 6-Step Course Curriculum:

Step One: Marketing

  • Learn basic marketing concepts and results-driven online and offline marketing strategies
  • Define your marketing avatar to get ideal clients in the door
  • Create marketing funnels and plans


Step 2: Sales

  • Learn the secrets of leading masterful conversations
  • Generate leads and close deals
  • Manage sales objections


Step 3: People

  • Identify your talent needs
  • Devise a recruitment plan
  • Learn and practice with our People Webinar Workbook


Step 4: Systems

  • Work less and maximize investments with automation
  • Save time by leveraging your website, online marketing, and improve your social presence
  • Measure effectiveness of your process and increase conversions


Step 5: Facilities

  • Understand key growth concepts and the pros and cons of Gig Economy
  • Know when and how to expand
  • Cover lease terms for growth


Step 6: Money Management

  • How to raise capital, avoid costly mistakes, evaluate assets, and meet goals
  • Learn and practice with our Money Webinar Workbook
  • Sample CFO Chart of Accounts

Are you ready for more money & more time? This course will get you there.


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