Masterclass FAQs

Business coaching focuses upon your business – not your practice area. Law Firm Mentor has clients with a variety of practice models, including hourly billing, flat fee, subscription model and contingency practice. We have clients in most states in the U.S. and coach business owners with a wide array of practice areas, including but not limited to family law, immigration, residential and commercial real estate, landlord tenant, civil litigation, personal injury, medical malpractice, tax planning/resolution/litigation, estate planning/administration, criminal defense, child protective services, business transactions, student loan debt resolution, social security disability, veterans claims, adoptions, bankruptcy, probate , farmers’ rights/claims, PACA, cannabis law, trademark law, foreclosure defense, business litigation, elder law, employment law, special education law, and debt resolution.

The program features of business plan creation and quarterly review, weekly accountability coaching, monthly group coaching, and business retreat attendance 4 times per year consume less than 6 hours per month averaged over the year. However, your personal commitment to your goal – and how quickly you desire to achieve it – will determine how much time you elect to spend working on your business. Between guided exercises, weekly trainings, strategical and tactical items assigned to you by our coach team, our weekly mindset coaching and other program benefits offered from time to time, our most successful clients are those who invest the most into themselves and their businesses. We will help you determine the appropriate amount of time needed for your stage of business development.

Paying your coaching fee is not optional – just as paying your office rent and paying your employees is not optional. That said, you will never develop the ability to create money in your business when you need it unless you evolve your skillset and your mindset into that of a business owner who instinctually understands how to make and master money. This takes commitment. If you are anxious about this commitment, we welcome you to join us – we will help you resolve this anxiety. If you are one who regularly disregards your commitments or are unwilling to stay committed to meet this obligation, you are not yet ready for an immersive coaching program.

To address this concern, we have provided live testimonials and an opportunity for you to speak with our clients during the masterclass. In addition, we have posted dozens of videos of our clients discussing their experience with LFM on our YouTube channel – their contact information is displayed there. The common thread in all of our successful clients is that they showed up and did the work. That critical piece determines success. Since we have no control over whether or not you will show up and do the work, we cannot guarantee your success. What we will guarantee is that if you start to disengage, we will continue to reach out to you and hold you accountable to the vision you will create for yourself at the start of our coaching relationship.

While your friends and family usually have your best interests at heart in advising you, they will not be the ones who suffer the consequences of your decision (or indecision) – you will. Most people focus on the cost of a service and think in terms of the deficit created by spending money. The mature business owner learns to focus on the return on his/her investment – and takes personal responsibility for ensuring that return. Until you are ready to make that shift, deferring to others’ opinions feels “safer”. When you are ready to follow your intuition and rely upon your own judgment regarding what is best for your business, we will be here.

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