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THE Intake Mastery COURSE

Free yourself from financial worry! Convert your contacts into money-making leads.

Transform your intake system with this step-by-step, interactive course specifically designed for lawyers looking to increase their caseloads. Master the intake process and start converting your leads into new clients. Purchase today for $997.

Allison C Williams
Law Firm Mentor Intake Mastery

How do you set up your intake process for success?

Think of a time you received a special offer you were excited to purchase, but when you called to schedule an appointment, the staff hurriedly took your number, but never followed-up! You only get one chance to make a first impression. If you’re going about it the wrong way, it’s costing you a missed business opportunity. Don’t lose another client over an avoidable mistake! Join our Intake Mastery Course and learn how your entire firm can drive any lead towards a sale.

Creating a successful intake system should be at the top of the “to-do” list for every business, especially a law firm that’s counting on new clients. Unfortunately, most practices overlook this critical segment of business. Studies show that on average, firms convert only 5-15% of their leads, costing them thousands of dollars in lost revenue. The legal marketplace is competitive and if your administrative assistant isn’t properly trained on handling phones, or your data is scattered, you’ll need to re-evaluate your intake process.

Through a combination of personalized coaching and training activities, the Law Firm Mentor brings its industry expertise to help law firms establish a more efficient and effective intake process. Creating a reliable intake and consultation process can dramatically increase your revenue. This online course will show you how to track your leads, qualify your phone prospects, schedule more appointments, and keep your clients happy.


Make the Case for Perfecting your Intakes and Watch your Profits Soar

What’s included in the Intake Mastery Course?

  • Level 1: Master Intake Phone Calls
  • Level 2: Personable, Inquisitive Employee, a.k.a. “PIE”
  • Level 3: How to Train Your PIE
  • Level 4: Mastering the Phone Sales Scripts
  • Level 5: Money Matters
  • Level 6: Split Testing for Efficacy

Each level includes:

  • Engaging video training
  • Workbook with real-life exercises
  • Interactive Q&A session with coach
Perfect your intake system and see it translate into real revenue growth.

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