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Have you wondered how any law firm owner can get anything done in today’s hectic-paced, instant-response society? Have you ever made a series of big, exciting plans for your law firm, only to find that between constant client calls, employee interruptions throughout the day, short-notice court appearances, demanding adversaries, and family time, you simply cannot get to them?
I’ve been there. Done that. And burned the T-shirt!


There is simply no better way to get the job done than to… well… get the job done. Alone. Away from your office. When you escape your environment and surround yourself with a new atmosphere, new people, new energy, new dynamics – free from the daily grind and constant interruptions that face the average law firm owner, you are better able to focus and dive into the business of business.

Gain Tools

Nothing feels worse than knowing you have the tools at your disposal to take your law firm into the next stage of growth, but YOU are what’s holding you back because you either cannot, or will not, set boundaries and stop the chronic interruptions of life if it means saying no to a client (who pays your bill and keeps your mortgage current), an employee (who depends on you to do their job), a spouse (who simply does not understand the rigors of law practice), or (most difficult) a child who can deal when you are “at work”, but if you are working at home, they expect your attention and will lay on the guilt like nobody’s business if you dare not heed their commands.

Step Away

Stepping away from your life for a few days allows you both the physical and (more importantly) the mental space needed to immerse yourself in the indescribable experience of Live Group Coaching, where you come to learn, absorb, and be transformed. We get it. Life is busy. Law can be grueling. And business layered on top of the law? Well, that just creates a whole extra level of frustration – especially for the hardworking, diligent-minded professionals who know they must serve their clients to the highest degree in order to maintain their license and their professionalism. But, if you’re going to take a weekend to yourself, you might as well use it to grow and scale your business.

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