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The law firm mentor

Allison Williams

Law Firm Mentor is a business coaching service for solo and small law firm owners who want to grow revenues, crush chaos in business and achieve more money and more free time in the business of law. We help solo and small law firm owners create consistent cash flow, attract and retain higher quality clients and employees, and implement strategic systems that allow their law firms to run seamlessly without the owner’s day to day, moment to moment involvement.

 The Law Firm Mentor is Allison Williams, an attorney of 18 years, who created a law firm with no savings and no business experience and quickly grew the firm’s revenues by 856% in four years through the use of business coaches. Dedicated to helping lawyers achieve the same or even better results, Allison brings her real world experience as a Law Firm CEO, highly credentialed trial attorney with a state-wide reputation and a burgeoning list of accolades for her stratospheric success in business.