What our members have to say

Kristin B.

I felt like I was hitting a ceiling in my practice. I wanted to grow. I wanted to expand. Allison has a way of uncovering what your barriers are and what is holding you back in a very honest way.

Laura L. and Melissa R.

If we invest the time in learnig how to do it the way Allison has told us, we will make more money and be much happier in our business.

Melaniece M.

We've talked about hiring, training, skills assesments.. once Allison broke it down, it completely made a world of a difference.



Allison C. Williams

New Jersey Supreme Court Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney, international speaker, founder and leader of two multiple seven-figure enterprises, host of the Crushing Chaos with Law Firm Mentor podcast, and as many of you know, Founder and CEO of Law Firm Mentor, LLC. Law Firm Mentor is a business coaching service dedicated to helping solo and small law firm attorneys to grow their revenues, crush chaos in business and make more money!

I coach, train, mentor, and inspire law firm owners to get off the revenue roller coaster, ditch the notion that law firm ownership must be a mix of drudgery and slavery, and crush the chaos in all parts of their business so they can limit risk, scale income, exponentially increase profit and build sustainably profitable businesses they can either sell or retain to produce the economic life of their dreams.

My work has served thousands of lawyers across the country, growing companies in over 70 practice areas, in more than 40 states and helping every conceivable demographic of lawyers - women, men, all races, nationalities, political affiliations, business models, and unique contributions of the legal industry. My company has been featured in Above the Law, Modern Solo, MyShingle.com, and on shows such as the Law Entrepreneur, Maximum Lawyer, Grow Your Law Firm, and more.

Join me and the amazing coaches here at Law firm Mentor, and you’ll find that we are a powerhouse of energy, experience, and call-it-like-it-is candor, that will guide you step by step to the pathway to growing a law firm the right way - with your goals, values and profit margins intact.