The Law Firm Mentor


The Law Firm Mentor provides business coaching to help law firm owners stop the chaos and get to a level of efficiency that will give them a dramatically more successful firm, as well as a life with more free time.


Never Stop Growing

It’s unbelievable how many law firm owners I speak with tell me their firm sucks the life out of them. They spend too many hours producing too little income. Flying by the seat of their pants, hoping they don’t miss a deadline under the weight of all they have to do. Clients are running them ragged, and payroll is pounding on the door.

Why Us

What makes Law Firm Mentor the best law firm business coach for you? Besides having been through coaching myself and understanding the benefit of it (as well as experiencing huge success from it), there is something else that makes me uniquely qualified to help you take your law practice to the next level of success and beyond: I am one hell of a lawyer.


How We Can Help You



Objective guidance and advice, as well as insight into how to capitalize on strengths and weaknesses.


Maximize your performance in your law practice, while treating it like the business it is.


Learn from past mistakes and bounce back from them, stronger and more confident than ever.

At Law Firm Mentor, we are happy to provide valuable, actionable information to our clients via our library of free resources, the Crushing Chaos with Law Firm Mentor Podcast, our blog, and our private Facebook group. We also offer One-to-One Private Business Coaching, Intensive Group Coaching Business Retreats, Law Firm Strategic Planning VIP Days, and Transformational Courses.

The Law Firm Mentor More Money, More Free Time™ Package is invaluable to any law firm owner who is looking to increase their business’s level of success.

Have you wondered how any law firm owner gets anything done in today’s fast-paced, instant-response society? Have you ever made a series of big, exciting plans for your law firm, only to see them take backseat to constant client calls, employee interruptions, short-notice court appearances, demanding adversaries, and family time?
I’ve been there. Done that. And burned the T-shirt! And you can, too.

Are you a dynamic self-starter who can implement any plan set before you, but you know you need the right plan in order to get started? Are you in need of a skilled set of eyes and ears to dive into your business, examine it from the inside out, and help you see where you may be missing critical components of your business or marketing plan? We’re here to guide you through the jungle to the path to financial freedom.

Every law firm owner reaches a point where the rate at which work needs to be done eclipses their ability to keep pace with it, as well as their confidence in knowing what’s next. Think about it. How often have you wondered: “Should I hire a paralegal, an associate or a per diem attorney next?” We can help you find the answers.

The Business Acumen Development And Sales Strategy (B.A.D.A.S.S.) program takes you from lawyer to law firm owner with step-by-step guidance, infrastructure support, success mindset coaching, transformation training, and coaching retreats.

Momentum is designed for the attorney who is ready to really scale their firm. With step-by-step guidance, infrastructure support, success mindset, and informational coaching retreats, this program helps you to step into being a CEO, whether you desire to lawyer in the firm or not.



Crushing Chaos in Client Communications

Let’s talk about something that makes most lawyers cringe when they first hear it: Automating client communications.    Why do they cringe? Because many lawyers hold onto the belief that communications can’t be automated without sacrificing the client

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How To Create Success With Ease

Most solo and small law firm attorneys I encounter want success. They can visualize a life where they are making more than enough money and spending ample amounts of free time doing what brings them joy, whether that’s sitting on a beach, watching their kids

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How To Face Your Finances & Give Your Money A Job!

  A lot of law firm owners struggle with the shame and guilt that come with not knowing the numbers behind their business. Profit/loss statements? Revenue targets? Profit margins? I can feel many of you tensing up just reading about it. And that’s often

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